INI Europe associate activities

As a network of scientific activities related to the human use and release of reactive nitrogen compounds and their impacts on the environment (nitrogen cascade), INI Europe invites scientists to suggest their relevant projects to be included in our list of associated activities. Please send a short descripton & a link to your web page to, and the INI Europe SC will evaluate if your project matches the aims and targets of INI Europe. Principal Investigators of INI associated projects are requested to provide information on progress on their own web page (including information on publications), and to actively inform INI Europe on changes of their project's status (kickoff, interim evaluation passed, project completed). Additionally, they are invited to provide information on events, highlights and publications to be published on the INI Europe web site. Currently, the following project has been adopted as an associate activity:

Principal investigator Activity title web link status
Mark Fitzsimons Organic nitrogen uptake by marine algae: consequences for marine ecosystem functioning and biodiversity active
Mark Sutton Effects of Climate Change on Air Pollution and Response Strategies for European Ecosystems  completed
Josep Peñuelas, Ivan Janssens, Philippe Ciais, Michael Obersteiner Quantify the responses of ecosystems and society in a world increasingly rich in N and C but limited in Phosphorus  active
Mark Sutton International Nitrogen Management System in preparation

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